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What is Fuel'd?

Good food//Good choices.

We are your around the block stir-fry, salad, smoothie shop. We are here to bring you a new style of living through your own lens of sustainable foods. What you eat, what we cook, and what we prepare is all going to be customized on your liking hence our Create Your Own style of ordering. You will be the one to decide your fuel for the day and regardless of what you choose, remember you have made a dominant and compelling impact on the wellbeing of your lifestyle, your communities, and your environment

How It All Began?

Founded in 2022, Fuel'd is a destination for simple, convenient, healthy food. Wearied of all the mediocrity in all the fast dining options, our founder decided to reconstruct his conforming habits, immerse himself in culinary arts, and aspire himself and his community to create a unique, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Hence, Fuel’d was born and is here to bring a new experience, a new community, and a new fuel for your daily grind.


Where does our Fuel come from?

Only buying from the freshest and healthiest around, we cook from scratch and source locally. We feature local and seasonal produce whenever we can. We visit nearby farms to ensure the highest quality products. We are transparent about what we’re serving and where it’s sourced (visit our store chalk board for more). From sustainably raised meats to our sauces and dressings, our Team ensures every ingredient shines. We’re in the business of feeding people, and we’re out to change what that means. Because here at Fuel’d, impact is not an arm of our business, it is our business, and it permeates everything we do, from what we source to who we hire and how we support local communities. We want to make an impact and leave people better than we found them, and we tailor our approach to reflect the needs of the community.

Why Fuel'd?

Because all of us have the same passion: we are building a community of people who support real, healthy food. We are in it for our love for creativity, sustainability, and of course, great food. Our guests don’t just come here to go to get random food, they go to get their daily, local Fuel. It is a reflection of their community, whom they are a part of. Come join us now!

Meet the Team


David Yang



Peter Jones

Co-Founder , Investor

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